Library Needs

The needs and services of the Aram Public Library have grown significantly even as the population of the great Delavan area has increased by over three thousand persons.

1. A meeting room for 300 person with flexible divider walls so that there might be two or three meetings in the same area  at the same time for Library Events, Friends of the Library meetings, as well as many Community programs.

2. An office for Youth Librarian which is now in a hallway is very much needed.

3. Small meeting rooms for the Library Board and many other organizations who continually request the use of the very limited Library space we now have and this additional space would eliminate the conflict with daily and on-going library programs

4. We very much need updated restrooms which will exceed the standards required for handicapped patrons.

5. We need space for Tech support and for Computer upgrades as well as for a Tech support office along with a place for computer upgrades, repair, storage.

A floor plan with all materials and services on same floor which would be more efficient and provide better security.

A layout that facilitates display of Aram’s art collection which is a very inviting dimension of the Library’s wealth of materials.

An area for a  self check-out system too ensure privacy for patrons, and would be more efficient for staff.

It would also be very good to provide and have available coordinated space for a Delavan Area  Cultural and Arts  Center as well as  the Delavan Historical Society.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library need storage space for their annual book sales which are very successful. The Friends currently have boxes of books in three different closets. A member of the Friends Auxiliary is at the Library every day to sort donations in preparation for sales to all those who visit the Library.

The Friends also share many boxes of books to Better World Books, which is also a fundraiser for them. A Boutique gift shop, that could feature a rotating selection of books as well as other items such as book bags, T-shirts, flash drives and small gift  items, is very much needed and  would be of great interest to the Library visitors as well as a good source of income for the Aram Public Library.