Public libraries have changed significantly.  Users now expect public computers, movies, e-books,  materials in  languages other than English, along with expanded hours, and additional services in technology, teaching and quiet areas.

Maintaining a modern and attractive library is critical for the greater Delavan area. Our neighboring communities in Elkhorn, Darien, and  Walworth provide remarkable examples of new additions, greater space and up-to-date facilities

The Aram Public Library  continues to be a major component in keeping the Delavan downtown vibrant. Its majestic architectural presence captures the spirit of the Delavan grand homes and other buildings. Its setting and unique environment is a beacon for learning and visiting.

A recent survey found nearly two-thirds of those ages 16 and over say libraries should “definitely” have more comfortable spaces for reading, working and relaxing. This represents an increase in this view since 2012, and it suggests that libraries still occupy a prominent spot in people’s minds as a place to go.

Mobile Access

Mobile access to library resources has taken on more prominence. Aram Public Library has responded to this expectation  with expanded technology options including an updated website, enhanced internet connectivity, and a focus on STEAM materials for youth. A large majority of Americans see libraries as part of a community’s educational system and as an important resource for providing digital and information literacy.

A new survey from Pew Research Center brings this complex situation into stark relief. Many Americans say they want public libraries to:

  • support local education;
  • serve special constituents such as veterans, active-duty military personnel and immigrants;
  • help local businesses, job seekers and those upgrading their work skills;
  • embrace new technologies such as 3-D printers and provide services to help patrons learn about high-tech gadgetry.

Additionally, two-thirds of Americans ages 16 and older say that closing their local public library would have a major impact on their community. Low-income Americans, Hispanics and African Americans are more likely than others to say that a library closing would impact their lives and communities.

Library Use

The use of the Library and the circulation of books and other materials grows every year. Circulation of physical materials is around 100,000 each year; circulation of electronically delivered materials is increasing. Annually, library programs attract many thousands of participants of all ages.

Growth of the Delavan area population since the 1990 expansion has led to challenges in providing adequate space to meet the needs of library patrons. In particular, the library’s lower level formerly provided a rather large meeting room, but now functions as the  children’s area. The present meeting room accommodates around 30 persons maximum. The library rents a tent to accommodate popular summer programs.