Aram Public Library

The Aram Public Library continues to be a major component in keeping the Delavan City downtown vibrant. Its majestic architectural presence captures the spirit of the Delavan grand homes and other buildings. Its setting and unique environment is a beacon for learning and visiting.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of those ages 16 and over say libraries should “definitely” have more comfortable spaces for reading, working and relaxing. This represents an increase in this view since 2012, and it suggests that libraries still occupy a prominent spot in people’s minds as a place to go.

Delavan Aram Public Library Foundation

Aram Library was dedicated on July 8, 1908 with 2,232 books in a 5024 square foot building. This new Library, which even today is recognized for it architectural majesty was constructed with donations of $22,833. This remarkable building is as beautiful and as durable as when it was constructed over 100 years ago and is a great and monumental tribute to our Delavan Founding Citizens and importantly is a very significant taxpayer investment.

In 1991 there was a very substantial addition to this original Aram Public Library. This addition was designed and built to capture and complement the beauty and artistic majesty of the original building. The 1991 addition of 12,112 square feet was built for a cost of some six hundred thousand dollars, The new addition included an elevator to allow handicap access, a separate children’s area on the main floor with a lower level large meeting room, larger and up to date restrooms, a new cataloging area, a rare item storage space, and a pay telephone.